Lin Feng is an orphan in a Wuzhuangzi near Qishan outside Liuxian City. There is a ghostly crying forest in Wuzhuang. According to legend, there are ghosts and it is a forbidden area in Wuzhuang. One day Lin Feng accidentally broke in and found an ice coffin in the cave under the Guikulin.

This beautiful woman was frozen in the ice coffin. Lin Feng inadvertently opened the coffin of ice, so Yingtai month awake, Yingtai month after waking up, surprised to discover that Lin Feng escape motivate Yaozu sacred obscurity demon seed, Lin Feng swallow obscurity demon seed, then floated away.

Since then, Lin Feng's body began to decay, Hong Meng Lin Feng demon seed in the body sprout, grow a lovely spirit bud , and Wu Shonai also undergone a variety of exotic things, has a strong strength of Lin Feng in front of strange things, make a turn What kind of decision.