Animations released on Pokémon Kids TV Japan YouTube channel.

#1: Zuruggu to Mimikkyu (ズルッグとミミッキュ), released June 4, 2020.
#2: Hero ni Naritai Pancham (ヒーローになりたいヤンチャム), released May 5, 2021.
#3: Yume no Tsubomi (ユメノツボミ) released June 6, 2021.
#4: Wait Here, Magikarp! (まっててね!コイキング) released July 2, 2021.
#5: The Warm and Cozy Slugma House (ぽかぽかマグマッグハウス) released August 5, 2021.

the following short has been announced but has yet to be released:

I Turned Into a Gengar! (ゲンガーになっちゃった!?)